Imagery is my life and life is something beautiful

Mixed Media Projection

Music and art are my life. I remember my first concert, it was a local band called the Brobecks, they sucked. But it was the immersive experience that I fell in love with, I was 16 and my older brother had taken me as a tag along. To be able to feel music so loud it vibrated your spinal cord was something entirely new and exciting. Concerts have a distinctive smell of booze and weed, sweat from bodies pressed to close together thronging each other to get to the stage.

Head to toe your senses are drenched and overpowered by it all, and the light…. the light is what caught me. No stage presence is complete without soaking itself in light. The light could punch up the drama and distil hightened emotions and casting light across the stage through a projector gave the band a sort of other-worldliness that I think is at the core of my love of the music scene. Its another world immersed in the senses.

I make video, and not just any videos, I make experiences, I wrap peoples music in abstract images for the soul purpose of heightening the musical experience. Now I help immerse the crowds. I dont replace the sweat of the booze and weed, but I drench the bands in light, light with meaning, with experience and an abstract subtle purpose…. to heighten the music. I project emotions and in volumetric bleeds of light I can bathe the crowd In a tone, and bring the entire experience to a visual crescendo.

I am an artist, and I make light.

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Artistic Organization

In the past, the best practices for document management software systems were only created by the vendors. The recommendations to the software were based on the anticipations of the vendors, instead of what was truly expected and needed of the software. This, as a result, made many individuals and companies look at document management software with some levels of suspicion. Several vendors were promising to offer solutions for addressing common business challenges; however, the end results were mostly disappointing.

There were three major areas that almost all vendors were not able to deliver: global services repository, centralized information management, and intelligent process infrastructure. Firms invested millions of dollars, yet the end results were not up to the levels expected, and which restricted the true intelligence and global data that were sought by the companies. Several firms had to put up with various isolated solutions that addressed the needs of specific departments, but did not come with a unified solution for managing all their global corporate data.

In the past few years, several reputed organizations have developed and published specific industry standards for records and document management. Many articles on best practices, and links directing to valuable information sources about records and document management became available on the websites of these organizations. Certification courses in records management and document imaging were also found.

Data from industry associations would help develop clear, objective, and realistic expectations from the technologies being chosen. It is important to understand the industry standards being recommended by these organizations, and also evaluate their relevancy to one’s existing projects. The vendor’s guidelines can be added to one’s knowledge base. The chosen products and guidelines of the vendor should be evaluated closely and must be compared with industry standards. Before getting on with the plan, the eFilecabinet document management software best practices must be evaluated carefully and wisely.

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Protect Your Property

Hurricanes are, without a doubt, very destructive and these are extremely troublesome for people living in areas that are most prone to these calamities. When a hurricane visits a neighborhood, it can cause huge damages to properties, the repairing expenses of which would easily run into thousands of dollars. Therefore, the idiom ‘prevention is better than cure’ should be followed in such situations.

Individuals living in areas that are regularly hit by hurricanes should take action and protect their homes or properties by making use of precast concrete hurricane fences. These strong and sturdy fences are a great way of protecting one’s property from such natural disasters because they make a powerful wind break, because of which it is very difficult for strong winds to blow down one’s house or building.

The primary reason why these precast concrete walls or hurricane fences are so strong is the materials that are used to manufacture them. The primary material used in the construction of such fences is concrete, which is already quite sturdy in itself. Apart from concrete, steel supports are also used in the manufacturing process of these fences. Together, concrete and steel are a dream team as they can stand up against hurricanes that blow up to two hundred miles an hour!

The strength of the concrete hurricane fences is one of its top USPs. However, there is another benefit of using these fences, i.e. convenience. Since these are prefabricated therefore it does not take much time to install them. In other words, they are extremely convenient to use. One should opt for the use of these fences because they help in saving money, time and effort. If you want to prepare yourself for a hurricane then there is no better way of doing the same other than installing such fences. Of course you should make sure that you are purchasing such concrete fences from a reputable company to ensure that they last for years on end.

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Opportunities Presented By The Internet

Internet marketing presents a myriad of opportunities to business owners from different parts of the world. The opportunity to profit is definitely a major one. Also, the prospect of penetrating new markets makes this form of promotion popular and very cost effective. Marketers stand to benefit in many ways if they harness the power of internet marketing for the purpose of increasing sales. But its a big crazy world out there, and the internet is scary, whether you are an artist, or a plumber. Truth be told, the internet has opened doors for me, but only after I found the right people. Im just going to lay down some facts and tips, but if you need help go with Ontra.

Since Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web, the opportunities of making money using the internet have become broad and endless. Presently, it is possible to use Pay Per Click advertising to increase the profitability of an enterprise. The most ubiquitous form of internet marketing is definitely using banners that are placed on websites, forums and blogs. Successful deployment of attractive banners will result to inbound traffic flooding a site. Once a new visitor enters a site, there is a possibility that he will purchase something during the course of his visit. Alternatively, he can subscribe to newsletter and end up purchasing a product or a service at a future date.

Internet marketing usually opens a flood gate of opportunities that should not be taken for granted. The mere fact that a marketing message has been spread across a social network is enough to make a new brand to be known in a matter of hours. A significant percentage of entrepreneurs usually use the internet strictly for exposure purposes. In an offline setting, it can take a lot of time and effort before real people get to know about a particular business. However, in the virtual world, things happen at the speed of light, therefore in a matter of minutes, after a Facebook Campaign has been launched, a business page can start receiving likes and shares.

Nowadays, penetrating new markets does not have to be a mind boggling affair. This is because; a global marketplace can be accessed by the click of a button. Because of breakthrough ecommerce techniques and strategies, an American entrepreneur can sell his goods to Chinese consumers without having to travel physical to Asia. Internet marketing is usually powered by highly automated processes therefore messages related to the attributes of a product are usually transmitted in real time and individuals who have been impressed by an ad, can click on it and start purchasing goods.

Internet marketing can take business profitability to a whole new level. Because of ever evolving web technologies, it is a guarantee that the future of this promotion method is bright. Presently, it has been embraced by owners of small businesses and big time millionaires.

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Lights, Magic, Women, Olive Oil

Women’s natural beauty products are used by every generation; young and old. They are products found in any kitchen cabinet and range from oatmeal to lemon juice. Herbs, easily grown on kitchen window seals have always worked as natural skin remedies and are still used today despite so many over the counter remedies. Women’s natural beauty products are sold in many forms, salve, lotions and scrubs. These products are used for every part of the body.

Natural products are healthier and kinder to the environment. These products are growing in popularity with facial care items leading the way. Dry skin products, sloughing creams and moisturizers are important natural skin care items. These products are sold in a generous number of fragrances and without for people who might be allergic to fragrance.  Common Olive Oil is used with great benefit to skin and hair in many natural products. The non-allergenic value of natural products is one of the advantages of using natural.

Natural skin care products help you avoid absorbing harmful elements placed in the average beauty product. Cosmetics and lotions are filled with preservatives that can have a negative effect on health and environment. Thousands of people every year are recognizing the benefits of using natural products. Health stores are growing and the customers are following in increasing numbers.

The documentation of health problems caused by products not naturally based has not fully been explored. Rashes and other allergic reactions happen all too often. Skin problems caused by chemically based products grows daily causing users quickly revert to natural products.

The importance of healthy skin care has always been a part of a woman’s regimen and natural products have always fit the occasion. Whether it is a lemon based cleanser used as an astringent or an oatmeal scrub used to smooth rough dry skin, natural products keep the body healthy and the skin looking great; safely.

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